Transformer Services

Transformer Services

We offer wide range of services, to name a few:-

On site repair & Overhauling of Power & Special Transformers.
This includes replacement of transformer windings, insulation, gasket sealing and removal of moisture. Such repairs/overhauling is carried out at site where adequate lifting and handling facility is available.

Overhauling and repair of On Load Tap Changers.
On load tap changer is the most important device of transformer which needs special attention. We are having a team of specialised engineers for repair and maintenance of On Load Tap Changers of any make.

In addition to the assembly of new transformers, our transformer services include:

  • Hot oil reclamation
  • Retrofilling
  • Reinhibiting
  • Oil sampling and testing
  • Hot oil vacuum filling
  • Degassing
  • Corrosive Sulfur
  • Dehydration
  • Electrical acceptance testing
  • Regasketing
  • Bushing replacement
  • Radiator replacement
  • Welding repair
  • PCB destruction

Transformer Activities

  • Filtration of Transformer Oil.
  • Testing of Transformer Oil.
  • Testing of Transformer & Fault Finding at site.
  • Attending oil leakages of Transformer.
  • Servicing & repairing of OLTCs.
  • Replacement of Transformer Spares � MOG, AIR CELL, DIAPHRAM, BUCHHOLZ RELAY, PRV, BUSHINGS, METAL
  • Transformer overhauling at site
  • Insulation Resistance Value Improvement of Transformer by Vaccum Drying at site.
  • Insulation Resistance Value Improvement of Transformer by Vaccum & Nitrogen Drying at site.

On Site Testing and services: Repair & Service

1) Transformers following test will be carried out to asserting health of the transformers.

  • Transformer general data.
  • Visual inspection.
  • 2 KV test for core and clamp.
  • Ratio and vector group test.
  • Magnetizing current measurement
  • Winding resistance measurement
  • Short circuit measurement
  • Calibration of OTI and WTI indicators
  • Gradient checks for winding temperature indicator or hot spot gradient checks for WTI
  • Ratio checks for winding CT
  • Measurement of transducer remote winding temp. Indicator
  • OLTC Operation checks
  • Tap position indicator checks
  • Insulation resistance checks for device
  • Cooling device operation checks
  • Tap changer and cooler alarm checks
  • Protective device wiring checks

2) After testing oil filtration and circulation is carried out to enhance quality of transformer oil. (BDV, PPM, Acidity and DGA Test)

3) We also undertake minor repair vice Changing & replacement of all gaskets and fasteners, OLTC Service, removal of core coil, check the IR Value, keeping the coil in oven, Dismantling of Transformer including Bus Duct connections in LT side, and HT side, removal of “O” Copper & Bushing connections at customers site.

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