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Welcome to DK Electricals

Founded in 1992 by Mr D.K. Singh , D K Electricals goal is to integrate a variety of fiscal and construction disciplines to maximize the benefit and potential of commercial-scale distributed generation solar energy solutions.

Starting of solar project was in 2011 by DK Electricals. Since 2011, We are providing a best service to our client. DK Electricals is known for accountability and maintain quality in installation of any solar project. Visit our the clientele list.

DK Electricals are engaged with ground based, rooftop projects. We are follow old Indian tradition phrase cheap and best. We are having experienced of 250MWp installation in ground based and rooftop.

We has started EPC and O&M since 2018. Next 5 years mission is to reach and provide electricity at best price to Indian society.

Our main focus is on ethical business conduct, each member of our team is a wealth of knowledge and is able to assist you in navigating the complex world of photovoltaic’s and energy management. D K Electricals is a dynamic service provider and construction (“SPC”) contractor with departmentalized staff specializing in construction and project management and more.

D K Electricals partners have experience in public policy and regulatory administration, especially as it pertains to renewable integration, and the interconnection and transmission thereof.

Dk Electricals are keep manufacturing the electrical control panel, PCC ,panel, APFC capacitor panel, utility panel, feeder pillars & generator panel since 2000.

We give best service for HT transmission lines

OBJECTIVE: Company is dedicated to quality assurance, services perfect commitment. We have qualified engineer, consultants and experienced staff to cater project requirement in all respects.

What We Do

D K Electricals experts specialize in:

  • Manufacturing of LV and MV panels
  • Design of LV panels
  • Sub contracting
  • Operation & maintenance
  • Government liasoning
  • Transformer erection, installation, filtration and maintenance
  • Construction management & operations
  • Manufacturing of transformers (coming soon)

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