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Founded in 1992 by Mr D.K. Singh , D K Electricals goal is to integrate a variety of fiscal and construction disciplines to maximize the benefit and potential of commercial-scale distributed generation solar energy solutions.

Starting of solar project was in 2011 by DK Electricals. Since 2011, We are providing a best Service to our client. D K Electricals is known for accountability and maintain quality in Installation of any solar Project. Visit our the clientele list.

DK Electricals are engaged with ground based, rooftop projects. We are follow old Indian tradition phrase cheap and best. We are having experienced of 250MWp installation in ground based And rooftop.

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Project Executed In  Solar Installation

Project Executed For  Electrical Service

What’s Next Mission :  EPC and O&M

  • Preparation of Design, Plans, Technical Site visit
  • Estimating Quote
  • Approval
  • Documenting delivery schedule of materials
  • Provisions of Tools
  • Customized Manufacturing of Material
  • Clearing material from third party and Material Supply
  • Logistics and Transport for delivering of material
Construction and Commissioning
  • Excavation and Construction
  • Fabrication
  • Erection of Inverters, Transformers, Panels etc.
  • Mounting of Structures, PV Modules
  • Installation and Electrical Work
  • Testing and completion of facility
  • Correction of Punch Points
  • Connecting to Grid

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